Quadro Solves Bulk Sugar Handling Problem

Quadro was recently approached by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer to design and develop a complete bulk sugar handling system. The manufacturer needed a system that could unload granulated sugar from super sacks at a rate of 3000 lbs per hour and also, fit into an existing facility with limited headroom. Health and safety concerns needed to be addressed in order to provide dust-free handling of bulk bags and security screening of raw material. By combining the attributes of the sanitary, pneumatic conveying Quadro Vac® System and the high capacity, safety screening Quadro® Conical Sifter with key technology partners, Quadro engineered a solution that met the needs of its customer.


Quadro Engineering systems provide single-source, turnkey solutions. Quadro systems are completely engineered to ensure smooth, continuous operation and are designed to meet specific environmental/plant needs. Quadro provides total support for all components within the system.


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