Eliminate Your Tablet Presses' Worst Enemy - Dust

The Quadro Vac® has proven to consistently reduce dust contamination when employed in a tablet manufacturing suite. The Quadro Vac is a user-friendly, high-end, sanitary pneumatic conveyor that is used in both pharmaceutical and food plants, worldwide. Its sanitary construction makes it easy-to-clean and its modular design can be quickly dismantled/re-assembled. The Quadro Vac is constructed of stainless steel with a rugged mechanism for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. It is operator-friendly, featuring easy set-up/operation, simple, adjustable “air logic controls” which are non-electrical/spark-free, an auto-cycle, self-cleaning filter (backwash), a lightweight material “pick-up” wand and low noise vacuum pumps. The controls can be upgraded to a programmed user interface for easy storage of recipes for more than 200 products.


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